The 069 Experiment – A Social Experience

How does it actually feel to live in the friendliest city in the world? Let's find out together.

The Insight

The shaping of our city and our life together is not a privilege reserved only for political actors. For it is shaped first and foremost by how we meet each other and how we treat each other. Every day. But how can we convince people to participate in shaping our coexistence?

Classic poster campaigns, such as those run by ministries, are usually only an ineffective appeal to people’s values and are unable to bring about lasting change.

The Idea

The „069 Experiment“ gives people the opportunity to experience and feel the positive effects of social cohesion for a week.

For this purpose, it turns the public space of the city (in this case Frankfurt) into a meeting and experience space and thus conveys, through self-made experiences, basic concepts of living together.

To this end, a simple, voluntary task is set each day. Each task promotes interpersonal interaction and brings people together through shared experiences.

English translations

Day 01 – Give a little smile to everyone you meet this week.

Day 02 – Say hi to everyone you meet this week.

Day 03 – Say thank you whenever you get the chance today.

Day 04 – Give someone your attention today.

Day 05 - Today leave a square meter of Frankfurt more beautiful than you found it.

Day 06 – Discover a part of town today that you've never been to before.

Day 07 - Sing along with other people.

The Impact

By making a vision (The Friendly City) „tangible“, we can attract people to new ideas and inspire them to change their behaviour. 

This proposal is still a concept for which we are looking for partners who are interested in bringing it to life together with us.

This project was shortlisted in the DDC's "Was gut ist" competition.

Download the complete presentation here.

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