Purpose of the EU

How the EU could communicate in a more clear, inspirational and trust-building way.

The Insight

In the course of subsidiarity, the EU is perceived primarily through the news, i.e., indirectly. In recent years, its citizens have seen it confronted primarily with challenges such as migration, Brexit, populism, the Ukraine crisis, and a pandemic. As a result, perceptions of the recent past have been largely shaped by how the EU responds to crises.

This has not allowed the EU to paint a clear and understandable picture of itself or its overarching goals and intentions.

The Idea

Imagine if, from here on out, the European Union were to communicate so effectively and so clearly that everyone could immediately understand its actions and intentions. Just picture an EU able to convey its long-term vision in a way that actually inspires people.

The proposal „Purpose of the EU-Proposal“ is the result of an analysis of the Lisbon Treaty. Based on the concept of the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, it structures the content of the treaty into WHY, HOW, and WHAT. The WHY stands for the raison d’être of the EU and the intention of all its actions. The HOWs are the 6 main fields of action of the EU with which it brings its Purpose to life. All WHATs, i.e. the concrete measures and „products“ of the EU can always be traced back to the WHY via the HOWS.

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