Dem Wahren Schoenen Guten.

How to create a special product that increases identification with a city and generates donations.

The Insight

This project is truly a project of the heart. „To the True Beautiful Good.“ These words, immortalized in the roof frieze of the Alte Oper and originating from Plato, have always made our hearts beat faster. We wanted to share our enthusiasm about them and make it possible for other people to connect with these values. 

The Idea

With great attention to detail, we have redrawn the lettering and created a product that we ourselves have always wanted. A T-shirt with the lettering of the Old Opera House in Frankfurt. But when we realized that other people would also be very interested in such a T-shirt, we created a one-time small edition of 150 T-shirts (in a numbered gift box) and embedded it in a fundraising campaign.

So each of the sold (a few we also gave away) t-shirts automatically donates 5,-€ each to the TRUE (Reporters without borders), the BEAUTIFUL (Bridges - Musik verbindet gGmbH) and the GOOD (Bahnhofsmission Frankfurt).

The Impact

Without any advertising or promotion of the T-shirt, we have sold 50 T-shirts so far and were able to collect 750,- € in donations. If you want to have one of the limited T-shirts yourself, get in contact with us.

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