Your strategic and creative partner.

We help those who create positive change in this world to do so as impactfully and effectively as possible.

Our Mission

Menschentum. (German for humanity) was born out of the belief that human-centred and purpose-driven communication in all its forms has the power to shape our common future.

With empathy, creativity, and deep strategic insight, we help ideas to leave a positive impact on people, so they can make a positive change in this world.

We listen

Leading with empathy, openness and honesty, we learn from you and your audience. We ask the right questions, analyse the situation and develop effective communication strategies and innovative solutions.

We uncover purpose

Why do you do what you do? From what do you draw your motivation, and what is the goal of all your actions? We help you uncover your Purpose and lay the foundation for more purposeful action and effective communication.

We inspire

We give you access to some of the best creative minds in the communication industry. Allowing you to harness their creative power and deep strategic insight. Involve us early in your process and benefit from empathy and creative thinking.

We create

We believe that anything is possible. We build ideas with conceptual integrity, and then bring them to life. From products, interdisciplinary communication campaigns and trust-developing identities, to artworks; the tools are defined by their purpose.

Your positive impact

We help you win people over to your ideas and inspire them with your vision.

Create Understanding

Everything communicates, everything tells a story. We help you to tell the right one. Clearly, succinctly and convincingly.

Create Trust

How do you see yourself, how would you like to be seen? We help you to create a trust-inspiring identity.

Create Relevance

Be more effective in what you say and do. We help you to make your communication more relevant to your audience.

Motivate and Inspire

You want to create change in this world? We help you to uncover your purpose so your ideas and your vision creates a lasting positive impact on people.

It’s about people.

Everything we think, develop and create is aimed at inspiring and engaging people. Our work is fundamentally human-centric.
Projects & Proposals

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Who we are

Menschentum. was born out of the belief that we can use innovative communication, creativity and human-centered thinking for more than just selling products. 

We are a strategic and creative partner to anyone who contributes to shaping our collective future. We work with education and environmental, with technology and research, culture and welfare, social and governmental institutions, organisations and foundations.

Ingo Butsch
Founder & Strategic Creative.
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