Organ donor ID redesigned

How can we get more people to become organ donors?

The Insight

Approximately, 9000 people in Germany are currently waiting for a donor organ. On the other hand, well over 60 percent of Germans do not have an organ donor card. And this, although many people actually show the willingness to carry an organ donor card with them. Often, however, the last impulse is missing to order and also fill out the organ donor card, or to replace the old one that has become illegible.

The Idea

We create an organ donor card that lasts a lifetime and is so desirable that people take the necessary steps on their own initiative to register as organ donors. An organ donor card that gives the topic of organ donation more presence in people’s everyday lives and also creates a new, interesting and, above all, relevant reason to communicate for campaigns.

The Impact

We make visible what was previously hidden and give people something they can publicly identify with and position themselves as organ donors. In this way, they become ambassadors and multipliers for an important topic.

This project was developed in cooperation with Studio Böttger. It is an idea that we wanted to bring to life together. Currently, we are looking for a good contact in the Ministry of Health to present the project there. Write to us with pleasure, if you can help us with it.

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